Making Science Work: NZ Cert Of Science WORKBOOK

Making Science Work: NZ Cert Of Science WORKBOOK
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This book covers material taken from Level 5 of the New Zealand Science Curriculum and prepares students for the Unit Standards listed below.

ISBN 978-0-582-54996-8

Each unit begins with a summary of the requirements for the Unit Standard, followed by plain-language Specific Learning Outcomes that tell students exactly what they need to be able to do. The activities that follow cover everything necessary to pass that standard. The Unit Summary at the end of each unit focusses their attention on the knowledge required for the test.

This book is specifically designed for poor readers. The font is larger than that normally used at this level, no text appears in an italic font, there almost no roman numerals and the vocabulary and sentence structure have been kept as simple as possible.

Standards covered:

US 18986 Select and use basic scientific equipment
US 18988 Interpret information presented in tables, diagrams and graphs
US 21611 Follow instructions to carry out a practical scientific activity and report on the activity
US 18973 Demonstrate knowledge of matter
US 18974 Demonstrate knowledge of chemical change
US 18975 Demonstrate knowledge of science in sport
US 18977 Demonstrate knowledge of the generation and use of electricity
US 18982 Demonstrate knowledge of Earth science
US 18989 Demonstrate knowledge of Earth and space
US 18981 Demonstrate basic knowledge of weather
US 18971 Demonstrate knowledge of cells, reproduction and inheritance
US 18969 Demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of living things, organs and organ systems


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