New Directions in Science Year 11 Workbook + CD-ROM

New Directions in Science Year 11 Workbook + CD-ROM
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This workbook-CD combo provides homework, content coverage, practical work and computer-based revision activities for all Level 1 Science Achievement Standards on the topics

Electricity and magnetism
Acids and bases
Carbon chemistry/fuels
Genetic variation

It also includes guidance for students on extended practical investigations (the basis of a further three Standards). The whole resource supports the Understanding/Investigating/Communicating/Participating and Contributing objectives of Science in the New Zealand Curriculum.

The workbook provides high-interest activities involving real New Zealand science, presented in simple language and with integrated practical work.

The CD features

Concise content coverage, including notes, photos and animations, presented in animated PowerPoint™ format and linked closely to the workbook theory and practical activities.
An interactive PDF of the workbook that students and teachers can complete electronically if they choose.
Hundreds of self-assessment activities designed to help students understand the content and develop skills needed for exam success.
Fully-worked answers to all the theory and practical questions, with judgement statements so that students can see what is needed for each grade.
Sample results for the practical work, along with a technician’s guide.
A password-protected file of OHP/data projector quizzes that teachers can use to help students develop skills in answering NCEA-style questions, as well as revise content based on the key facts in the book.


The New Directions in Science Workbook consists of a CD containing a full electronic text book, interactive computer activities and quizzes for classroom use, and a printed Workbook containing both theory and practical activities for the following NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards:

Science 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics
Science 1.2 Investigate the implication of electricity and magnetism in everyday life
Science 1.5 Demonstrate an understanding of chemical ideas relating to acids and bases
Science 1.6 Investigate the implications of the use of carbon compounds as fuels.
Science 1.9 Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation
Science 1.11 Investigate interactions between humans and micro-organisms
Physics 1.1 Carry out a practical investigation, with direction, that leads to a linear mathematical relationship
Physics 1.2 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of electricity and magnetism
Chemistry 1.1 Carry out a practical chemistry investigation with direction
Chemistry 1.3 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of carbon chemistry
Biology 1.1 Carry out a practical investigation in a biology context
Biology 1.3 Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to micro-organisms.

Also available:

New Directions in Science - Text   ISBN: 9780582545748
New Directions in Science - Teacher's Resource CD   ISBN: 9780582545021


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