Life Processes, Ecology & Evolution: - New Edition for 2018

Life Processes, Ecology & Evolution: - New Edition for 2018
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Integrated Text and Workbook Edition for Level 2 NCEA

Authors: Rachel Heeney & Peter Shepherd

Revised and updated 

A complete text and workbook package for Biology NCEA Level 2

The aim of Life Processes, Ecology and Evolution is to present material in a way that meets the needs of all students. This unique text- and workbook will help students understand the important principles of biology, learn how the scientific process works, and become confident to embrace the potential biology offers our society.

Each of the Achievement Standards are covered with an emphasis on gaining a solid understanding of the principles and processes involved. The book offers a great variety of activities from relevant contexts and, importantly for students, there is enough room for the answers!

Each topic is explored fully, and there are two NCEA-style exams per externally assessed standard. The internals are also covered with ideas and tips for unpacking the meaning of the standard, so students can gain success and enjoy learning about biology issues, investigations and diversity.

When students work through this book they will end up with a complete package of notes, definitions, worked examples and exam practice. It has been designed to be used at home, for homework or as a developing set of notes in class. The teacher can meld this into their classroom practice any way they choose.


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