Hands on Chemistry Activities

Hands on Chemistry Activities
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Hands-On Chemistry Activities With Real-Life Applications contains over 300 intriguing investigations designed to engage students in a genuine pursuit of science.
Because of the favourable response to Hands-On Physics Activities, the authors used the same approach and philosophy in writing this resource. This hands-on, inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning science follows recommendations set forth in the National Academy of Sciences’  National Science Education Standards and the National Science Teachers Association’s Scope Sequence and Coordination Project.
Activities included in this resource provide meaningful interactions between students and their world in a manner encouraging sound scientific reasoning. Many of the activities produce unexpected or dramatic results that capture student interest. Each set of investigations is preceded by a concise introduction to relevant concepts, providing students a foundation on which to build their understanding. This resource contains more than 450 illustrations and 100 tables to guide students and teachers on carrying out the activities. To stimulate student reasoning, thought-provoking questions are included after each set of activities. Following each student section, material developed especially for the teacher explains concepts in greater detail, answers questions, and provides directions for presenting activities as impressive classroom demonstrations. Interesting and practical applications of scientific principles and concepts are introduced throughout the resource, helping students understand the relevance of science to their everyday lives.
The authors have made every effort to include activities that can be carried out safely with materials commonly found in the students’ everyday environment. Activities have been successfully implemented and tested in the classroom by experienced and novice science teachers.
  • Measurement
  • Matter (Atomic Structure, Periodic Law)
  • Changes of state.
  • Chemical And Nuclear Reactions:(Bonding, Reactions, Acids & Bases)

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