Hands on General Science Activities

Hands on General Science Activities
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For all science teachers in years 6 to 13 here is an exciting collection of ready to use lessons, projects and lab activities to help students relate basic science concepts and skills to everyday life. Included are 22 comprehensive, tested lessons in five major areas of general science, accompanied by over 150 reproducible student activity sheets to help students understand concrete scientific applications that are interesting and relevant. Each lesson includes a concise introduction to a specific topic, reproducible vocabulary games or puzzles, reproducible laboratories and projects, and complete answer keys.
 And for easy use, all of these ready-to use lessons and activities are printed in a spiral-bound format that folds flat for photocopying of the students activity sheets and organised into five units, each focusing on a different area of the science curriculum:
EARTH SCIENCE: Lessons on plate tectonics, rocks and soil, weather and water.
PHYSICS: Lessons on wave energy, motion, energy/work/power and machines, and electricity.
ASTRONOMY: Lessons on planets, stars, the moon, and space travel include unique projects and activities.
CHEMISTRY; Lessons covering fats, surface tension of water, hair chemistry, and anthocyanin.
BIOLOGY: Lessons focusing on the blueprint of life (DNA), changes and adaptations, tree and ecology activities.
You’ll find these hands-on science lessons/activities are effective with students of varying abilities and even help spark interest in students who have been turned off by science in the past.
Moreover they can be used either as stand-alone science experience or as supplements to a science text

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